The hospital has senior consultants providing treatment for Skin diseases and related disorders. The treatment provided include medication for all kinds of skin infection, cosmetics, internal disease, stitch-less vertigo surgery, multiple Miniature Punch Grafting (MMPG), Therapeutic Tattoo, Electro Surgery, radio Surgery for viral wart or Mole removal. Microderambrasion for Acne Scar or Pigmentation on face, Cryo Surgery, Pulse Therapy for Pempgius Vulgaris, SLE, treatment of other Autoimmune disease and others.

Whether you need help with common skin problems like acne, rashes, warts, rosacea, and skin illnesses and infections, or you’re in need of surgical solutions for worrisome moles or skin cancer, our highly trained, experienced, and professional staff is there to help you through the process. We always present you with not only a diagnosis of your problem, but a list of all the treatment options, along with their benefits and possible side effects. This helps you make an educated and well-informed decision regarding your health and appearance.