General Surgery

General Surgery : All kinds of surgeries related to Esophagus, Stomach & Duodenum, Colon, Hepatobillary and pancreatic surgeries are done at the hospital. The hospital has successfully operated many complex and complicated referred surgeries.

These include diagnostic laparoscopy & biopsy and all advanced Laparoscopic surgeries including Heller’s myotomy, Nissen’s fundoplication, peptic perforation, adhesionolysis, Appendictomy including perforated appendicitis, Cholecystectomy, Hydatid cyst drainage, assisted stricturoplasty, Mackel’s Diverticulectomy, Hemicolectomy and ovarian cyst surgery.

Vascular Surgery is considered a super–specialty of general surgery. A vascular surgeon treats medical problems involving blood vessels (both arteries and veins). These problems usually are related to blockage or aneurysms, most often caused by atherosclerosis, or injury.