The Department for Orthopaedics treats muscle, bone and joint disorders. Areas of special emphasis include arthritis, joint replacement, spine surgery, sports medicine, physical medicine, hand, foot and ankle, orthopaedic oncology, trauma, and paediatric orthopaedics.

Our orthopaedic surgeons have diverse expertise and are committed to provide effective solutions to orthopaedic problems. Specialized services include arthroscopy, musculoskeletal tumour surgery and reconstruction, rheumatology and treatment for orthopaedic trauma.

Hand and Microvascular Surgery

This service is offered as an interdisciplinary program involving orthopaedic hand surgeons and plastic surgeons. The Centre offers expertise in microvascular procedures to treat hand injuries, congenital deformities, arthritis and degenerative disorders, infectious diseases, and reimplantation. Joint replacement of the wrist and endoscopic hand surgery are special features of this division.

Joint Replacement Services

Some of the latest techniques offered are cementless implants for a customised fit thus prolonging the life of the replacement. However, joint replacements do not last forever. Many people require a second replacement surgery, especially for hip joints. This replacement, or revision, can be more difficult than the initial surgery due to the difficulty in removing the adhesive material used to hold the artificial joint in place.

Orthopaedic Service provides expert care for a wide range of problems, including fractures, sprains and strains, sports injuries, arthritic conditions, osteoporosis, back pain, bursitis and tendonitis, and joint replacement.